Mono Sofa by Marco Dessi for Wittmann

Mono, designed by Marco Dessi for Wittmann, is a master of adaptation. It appears familiar, but yet it exudes a very special aura. The classic, elegant representative of Wittmann upholstery carries the thumbprint of its designer Marco Dessí and impresses with maximum adaptability and clearly distinguishes itself by refining the familiar to perfection.

It is obvious that the lines and curves were carefully traced out during its design. The gentle, yet dynamic curves are testimony to absolute precision. Its gentle curves are not only pleasing to the eye. They carefully support the buttocks, back and shoulders. The foundation is provided by a stable, but light wood frame with handmade suspension and an elastic crossed surcingle. Four layers of foam rubber in the seat and back and the crowning with fine cotton padding, complete the perfection of seating comfort. You can feel that Mono was created by hand. The clearly visible effort was worth it. When you sit on the Mono you simply cannot imagine sitting better or more elegantly. That is a genuine Wittmann.

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