WEDA Lounge by Zoom by Mobimex

With WEDA Lounge, Zoom by Mobimex is presenting a new, cushioned armchair collection which combines a delicate look with a high degree of comfort. The concept, created by the Swiss furniture designer Daniel Wehrli, widens and enhances the range of seating offered by Zoom by Mobimex.

The main characteristics of WEDA Lounge are delicate aesthetics coupled with excellent technical craftsmanship. The contours of the armchair complement the WEDA seat, which was presented by Zoom by Mobimex in Milan last year. Whereas the family likeness of the frame structure is plain for all to see, the angled feet of WEDA Lounge create a more dynamic and grounded appearance.

As with the bench, the restrained use of material is also a key feature of WEDA Lounge. The cushioned seat appears to float on the bridge-like, solid wood subframe, whereas the backrest’s cushioning follows the precise contours of the frame. As the designer paid as much regard to the intervening spaces as he did to the actual shape, the structure of the armchair can be easily identified, despite the comfortable cushioning.

WEDA Lounge is available as a single or two-seat version. The armchairs are an eye-catcher whichever side they are viewed from and can thus be positioned in the room as a stand-alone piece. Together with the VOLTA side table – also newly designed by Daniel Wehrli – Zoom by Mobimex thus provides an alternative for the business sector, such as for waiting areas and hotel lobbies. The WEDA Lounge will also fit well into the home.

The armchairs are available in the same woods and cushion cover fabrics as the WEDA bench. The frame can be ordered in solid heartwood ash – stained in a variety of subtle shades of colour on request – as well as in oak and American walnut. Customers can select from a wide range of leather and textile upholstery materials.

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