White Moons by Daniel Klages for Licht im Raum

Archtitects and planners sometimes wish for an eye catcher to create interiors by every trick in the book. White Moons puts itself forward for that task just perfectly because the luminaire succeeds in producing a highly poetical image.

Like a piece of art it can be hung on the wall – unique in its radiance and manifoldly configurable. Its basic form – a porcelain sphere with two openings – allows for both direct and indirect, dazzle-free light. The highlight: Since the elements are adjustable, a remarkably vibrant lighting is created. The extendable structures offer planners plenty of scope for individual design. To combine high-quality porcelain with our systems concept is a completely new idea and was developed in co-operation with the manufactory Fürstenberg. As brilliant as the application possibilities of the luminaire are, as simple is its lighting technology: state-of-the-art LED illuminants in the shape of a classic light bulb.

Design by Daniel Klages for Licht im Raum.

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