BW Apartment in Vilnius, Lithuania by YCL Styudio

Endless grey undertones of piano and pianissimo are flourishing somewhere between black and white, which allow creating a contrasting chiaroscuro without straightforwardness of Black&White concept.

When the apartment door opens you enter its “shadow” side – grey corridor, bathroom, and bedroom. You feel like during siesta, when with the window shutters closed a cosy day twilight spreads around, which is speaking something about rest, silence and peace. And in contrast, the other part of the apartment, where the “window shutters” are always open, is full of light. You want to stay awake, do something, and enjoy the daytime. Several coloured elements have entered together with the light flow into this white living-dining area: a sofa, chair legs, and a painting – cheerful and friendly strangers, contributing to the dispel of sterile seriousness of the concept.

Over time, as soon as the painted oak floor becomes slightly worn, more things occur, toothbrushes settle in the bathroom, and a couple of golden moths settles on a grey, wavy curtain of the wardrobe, the apartment will obtain vitality, while the chiaroscuro even more softness and naturalness.

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