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The range of Ovo reception desk is designed perfectly for small offices and customer service bureaus. The design is simple yet effective as far as fulfilling the main purpose is called. Even though the reception desk is small, there’s more than enough space to place a computer and/or laptop on the countertop.
Small, but providing maximum practicality — Ovo reception desk is optimally combining features of a customer service stand and an individual workstation. The oval top is at the same time fulfilling a role of a worktop and a lower element of the reception what makes for a multifunctional desk that meets the needs of disabled customers. The higher part allows working in a standing position, simultaneously hiding the computer station and the document shelf. Ovo is a space-saving solution that will fit perfectly for beauty studios, hair salons and many other interiors.

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Interior Exterior


Tempered frosted glass 3/8"


MFC 2". Available in Cocoa or Chestnut


MFC 1 1/8"


MFC 6/8"


MFC 6/8" with patent lock

Cable Grommet

Diam. 3 1/8"

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