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Empire Furniture, USA

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The American brand Empire Furniture is one of the most famous manufacturers of living room and bedroom furniture. The catalog of Sohomod.com store offers a selection of sets with different fillings: two sofas, sofa and armchair, and etc.

Features of furniture

The company specializes in the modern style sets. They are defined by simple shapes, straight lines, and no decor. However, there are some peculiarities:

  • Color scheme. The brand does not confine itself to minimalist shades only — black, white and gray. The collections feature models in burgundy, blue and bottle-green colors.
  • Focus on texture. For upholstery, they use textured materials — corduroy, velvet, wool, leather, and satin. Such furniture contributes to the space in terms of depth and volume.
  • Prints. Monochrome solutions are diversified with prints, mostly floral or geometric. Thus, the ensembles gain dynamics.
  • Different styles. The carriage tie and gold-colored components are references to the classic style. Sofas with high legs and coffee tables of unusual shapes show the influence of the modern. An outstanding example of the high-tech style is a black bed with a decorative fireplace built into the headboard.

We offer favorable purchasing conditions: first-supplier prices, delivery, and furniture assembly. Moreover, you can save money thanks to regular sales.

170 Product(s)