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Chintaly Imports

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The Sohomod.com store offers a great selection of furniture by the Chintaly Imports brand. The company introduces collections for bedroom and dining rooms, as well as for the workroom.

Features of furniture by Chintaly Imports

The brand's specialty is the high-tech style. Hence the distinctive features of the models:

  • Unusual materials. Designers use wood, but not as often as metal and glass. When manufacturing chairs, they use plastic, and the bases of some dining tables are made of ceramic. The bed headboards are decorated with metallized inserts.
  • Uncommon shapes. The brand gained fame for its dining tables with unusual bases — these can be intricate figures, cross-braces, tripods and etc. This furniture looks like a piece of art in itself.
  • One of the brand's favorite combinations is black and white. They often use the contrast of white and red or black and gold. If you do not like such sharp transitions, you can choose a softer option — milky white, light gray, beige, blue or brown.
  • Despite the peculiar shapes, the furniture remains functional: for example, many tables have a folding mechanism.

The catalog of Sohomod.com features certified models with an official warranty. We deliver across the country and offer different ways to pay for your purchase.

300 Product(s)