Björk Mountain Restaurant in Hemavan, Sweden by Murman Arkitekter

The building sits along the top tree line of the slow growing birch trees, beside the ski lift. This is a location that emphasises the buildings relation to the nature, summer and winter. From this site you have a panoramic view of the mountains and the valley to the south.

Murman Arkitekter:

We wanted to make a landmark and a building that reveals how it is constructed from a distance, a distinctive and unique look that feels natural on the site and at the same time easily constructed with prefabricated parts.

The building was designed to be lifted into place by helicopter. But a temporary road was built during the summer to carry the structure to the site due to practicality reasons and the need for services to supply the building.

The interior of the building is dominated with durable materials like pinewood and carpet, to prevent slipping with ski boots. The furniture also consists of simple built in place pinewood benches and tables.

The structural system of glulam beams form a triangular shape, this form is silhouetted in the façade which is finished with panels of untreated wood allowed to weather naturally. The glulam beam structure protrudes the roof form, highlighting the generous dimensions of the building by allowing these beams to be visible in both the exterior and interior envelope.
Weather and wind will contribute to the expression. When the snow falls it settles in drifts on the roof and affects the shape of the building. We have toned down the color and material expression in favor of a strong form of the landscape.

The design and materials are influenced by local Sami culture. From a distance, the restaurant is visible with an inviting entrance and outdoor area to the south, a building that is activated on a sunny day as well as a winter’s day around the fireplaces inside.

The restaurant’s name ‘Björk’ (birch) which seats 80 guests on two floors will serve an international menu using local produce and has a partnership with a local Lappish micro brewery.

Architect and interior design: Murman Arkitekter by Hans Murman (manager and managing agent), Truls Håkansson, Milla Persson, Domenika Chornobai and Ylva Backström (structural engineer).
Interior architects: Marie Ebersdotter, Bosse Nordquist, Andreas Farkas.
Structure: Martinsons Group.
Contractor: Contractor AB.

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