Antek Lamp by Otoprojekt

Antek Lamp is Otoprojekt own product with unique and timeless character. It is handmade in natural ash wood.

Thanks to that it creates cozy and warm atmosphere in interior, where it is placed. Antek fits perfectly in spaces as dining room, kitchen and places where we want to get a warm, homey ambience. It can find its spot both in scandinavian style appartment, as well as in modern and minimalistic interiors.

Color braid cable can be matched individually depending on your preferences and the color of interior. The outer surfaces of the lamp are impregnated with natural beeswax and permanently protected from moisture absorption. The dimensions of the lamp are 20 x 20 x 20 cm. For the sake of lamp life, we recommend LED light source or the other, generating a limited amount of heat. Implemented in production in 2014, by Otoprojekt. For more details, prices and dimensions please go to

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