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Modern character and dynamic form – Valde reception desk was designed to meet the requirements of a contemporary reception. Visually attractive combination of glass, aluminium and high gloss laminates creates an elegant, but not overwhelming whole. Modular construction allows to freely customize and extend the layouts.
The collection ‘Valde’ by MDD Office Furniture is high functional and beautifully crafted product. The company presents a huge variety of products for all industrial office interiors. Unique industrial reception desks from this collection are customizable for any preferences. Straight, convex and concave elements are at your disposal in any of the numerous wavy, circular and upright arrangements, which perfectly create the feeling of style and integrity for the reception area. Being a superb workspace, Valde also stands out for its creative design and cogent elegance emphasized by the precision of details. Horizontal slats made of aluminum emphasize a shape and a modern character of the body. The desk top made of tempered white glass perfectly matches the glittering frontal part of the counter. LED lighting located under the upper desk top and at the basis of the counter makes the reception desk presenting perfectly in darker rooms. The variety of products presented in this collection doesn’t leave anything to be desired. The collection ‘Valde’ by MDD Office Furniture is the best decision to be installed in any interior.

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MFC 1 3/8" + Glass LACOBEL 1/8" (White or Silver)


HPL 1/8" - high gloss. Available in White, Canadian Oak, Chestnut, Orange, Lime, Burgundy, Yellow, Blue, Fuchsia and Gray

Side Panel

HPL high gloss 1 1/2''

LED Illumination

At the full length of the reception desk, cold white color (verging on the blue shade)

Storage Ending Element

MFC 6/8"


MFC 1 1/8"

Optional Door

MFC 6/8", universal (left/right), to order as an additional element. Patent lock - foldable key

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