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You can shop for furniture by the Mod-Arte brand in the company catalog available on the Sohomod.com website. The manufacturer offers both home and office furniture collections. These include beds, dressers, sink cabinets, dining tables, desks, coffee tables, and shelving units. Moreover, the brand also offers accessories, such as stair runners.

Features of furniture by Mod-Arte

Company designers work with four popular styles:

  1. Minimalism. It's attractive sides are it's extreme simplicity and conciseness, as well as maximum functionality. For example, office desks provide not only drawers, but also shelves, niches for a PC system unit, and add-ons to place books or decorative items in.
  2. Loft. This is a captivating style that combines solid wood and sturdy black metal. Thus, in loft-style desks, classic legs are replaced with a solid metal base. Some dressers are equipped with wheels instead of legs.
  3. Scandinavian design. The classic version of the Scandinavian style is the snow-white cabinet fronts, dressers and shelving units combined with tall brown legs.
  4. Modern. The modern style is defined by smooth lines and unexpected combinations — carved base or marble table top of a coffee table, diamond-shaped print of façades made of wood of different shades, imitation of Japanese shoji partitions in the brand's cabinets.

Our store provides delivery across the country. Experienced specialists assemble furniture fast and neatly. Moreover, prices fromfirst supplier and sales will help you save money.

97 Product(s)