Xiamen Guanyin Mountain Chamber by H&W Design Office in Beijing, China

The sense of literature of Xiamen is more profound than the freshness of walking by the sea, it is rooted in undulating waves.

The designers get rid of routine colours used in traditional therapy spaces; instead, they use massive blue to fulfil the therapy and emotional comfort functions of the space.

In the leisure area, pine and cypress give off a strong taste of literati. New Chinese bookshelves and leather couches in the space are usually the symbols of successful men, designers enlarge the size of the traditional chair to make it more comfortable.

Blue and white porcelain with a texture of Ru Ware, artworks and all kinds of books are placed on the shelf. There is a book named Give You a Horse written by the famous writer San Mao, which says that people love a horse, and some of them regard it as their dream.

Massive wood finishes used in the space have created a rare Chinese style atmosphere of the Ming Dynasty. That design philosophy for houses in Ming Dynasty is “follow the simple and elegant fashion, and choose dignified and decent ancient elements” means to follow fashion trend should adopt its elegant and simple elements while using ancient elements should capture its dignified and decent features.

The collision between the Chinese element and a modern element is very fantastic. Blue velvet sofa in the leisure area is like the turning point of the storytelling by this space.

Massive use of quit blue on walls and the floor in the multifunction room is extremely beautiful scenery, as charming and graceful as Pablo Picasso ‘s masterpieces Blue Room.

The sofa in female VIP is in modern red of old Shanghai. Coupled with the eye-catching Retro yellow of the wall painting, every colour has a different visual expression, and thus create an effect of contrast in style and a sense of fashion. Old elements used in this modern simple living space is not redundant but is just right.

The traditional Chinese chair has a spark of metallic lustre, and the side table is in unconventional cage shape.

With the hope of healing the mind, the H&W design team seeks a balance between modern and tradition, so as to start the journey of healing that goes beyond artistic conception.