The Prism Nightlight by Nicholas Baker


This stylish light proves that nightlights aren’t only for kids who are afraid of the dark. The Prism nightlight is a modern accessory that is minimal both in aesthetics and in operation.

The Prism Nightlight by Nicholas Baker

Designed by Savannah College of Art and Design student Nicholas Baker, the Prism nightlight was inspired by the work of fellow designer Naoto Fukasawa. Fukasawa’s “Without Thought” ideology encourages design that is intuitive and simple.

“The goal of this project was to explore a personal light device and create an innovative product taking inspiration from a notable designer. I researched the subtle subconscious cues from Naoto Fukasawa’s design philosophy, along with his playful attitude to create my design. The Prism is a simple night-light inspired by the classic see-saw. The light is turned on by a single tilt of the product.”

The wood and glass light works with a see-saw motion to flip it off and on. It is, indeed, a motion that can be done without much thought. The gentle rocking motion is reminiscent of the way mothers calm their children to send them off to sleep.

As beautiful as the Prism nightlight is, it isn’t a product that you’ll find on store shelves anytime soon. Baker only produced one for a school project and has not announced plans to have them made on a larger scale.


The Prism Nightlight by Nicholas Baker

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