Touch to Open: Kinetic Doors Unfold Like Life-Sized Origami

Austrian artist Klemens Torggler has reinvented the door with his latest project.

Called the Evolution Door, the 4-panel door opens and closes elegantly as though it’s made of pieces of paper. Roggler calls it a “flip panel door” (or “Dryehplattentür”).

Evolution Door by Klemens Torggler

Torggler has a few variations on this door, one with the origami-esque triangles that fold out to help the door move, and another system with rods that rotate two square panels.

The steel version of the door is particularly ingenious as its space-saving method of action. Like its sliding cousins, it avoids the in-and-out motions of a typical doorway to minimize the space you need to set aside in front of or behind it.

The glass design uses a minimalist framework of structural supports, all of which then disappears entirely into a secret wall space hidden alongside it.

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