Bloom Lamp by Constantin Bolimond: Lighting That Opens Up to Darkness

[tps_header]Bloom lamp may blossom like a flower, but it only opens up at night, which is quite atypical when it comes to its inspiration. Although there are some species of flora that bloom at night, more often than not, their petals are triggered by sunlight. Of course, that would be redundant for Lamp Bloom. So its optical sensors only triggers the light when it detects darkness around it.

Bloom Lamp by Constantin Bolimond

Designed by Constantin Bolimond, an industrial designer based in Moscow, Russia, Bloom lamp is beautiful in its function and simplicity. In spite of being rather technically sophisticated, the aesthetic is pretty much minimalist. More so if appreciated in its bare wooden form. The interactive Lamp Bloom is also available in a variety of colors including black, pink and blue. [/tps_header]

Bloom Lamp by Constantin Bolimond

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