Pinsofa by Demeter Fogarasi


The Pinsofa from designer Demeter Fogarasi rethinks the form and features of the sofa by making a more youthful, playful design.

The idea came to Fogarasi when he was taking part in a project called The New Textile Furniture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. He looked around the light-filled room and saw pins sticking out of pincushions – and inspiration struck.

This inspiration led to a unique and fun sofa design that looks a bit like a pincushion supported by long, wooden pins. The enlarged pins, says Fogarasi, lead to a whimsical feeling by bringing back the wonder of being a child. When we were children, the world seemed bigger and filled with fascinating things to explore. This sofa definitely encourages a playful environment with its unique form.


Pinsofa by Demeter Fogarasi

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