Piloti Coffee Tables by Hugo Passos for Fredericia Furniture

Piloti is the name of a new series of coffee tables, designed by Portuguese-born designer Hugo Passos for Fredericia Furniture. The table’s lines are at first glance extremely simple, but closer on, one can spot the subtle details that make the desktop appear extra slim, with an integrated transition to the round legs.

The simplicity of the Piloti tables makes a wide range of applications possible, for example as a coffee table or a bedside table in private homes. Due to the stable construction, the tables are also suitable for corporate lounge areas, hotel lobbies and other public spaces.

Piloti is available with tabletops in several different measures, and the tables are also available in two different heights. Therefore, it is possible to combine two tables as nesting tables. The legs can be screwed on and off, making the tables easy to transport and store when not in use.

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