Plex Modular Collection by Industrial Facility for Herman Miller

Plex is a modular soft-seating program that allows the ease of flexible grouping with a compact seat that’s designed for individual comfort. After extensive research and development, Plex is designed to support Office, Education and Healthcare settings. It is smaller than comparable soft-seats allowing greater planning density.

Plex consists of a series of units that each provide comfort and usefulness and can be combined with other units to make additional settings – a simple hook allows the flexibility to re-arrange settings, turning a communal gathering area into a lecture theater. It is engineered using Herman Miller’s extensive knowledge of ergonomics, anthropometrics and comfort, and uses super-seat technology in its webbing – a strectched rubber membrane that adjusts to whatever posture you may take.

The seats can stay static with its wooden or plastic feet, move freely around with its wheels, or swivel with its swivel-base. Extra privacy for spaces where concentration and privacy are required, can use the Plex Club Seat height adjustable headrest. Stitching details have been designed to accommodate almost any fabric. Plex also has power. Both USB and mains can be integrated during specification, or added at a later date. And a lightweight height-adjustable Side Table is part of the collection.

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