Memoir's New Collection by Mafalda Soares for Charming Interiors

Memoir Charming Essence. It’s like this story begins. Memoir tells a story where the feminine essence, taste and experience are hand in hand with a unique journey through design.

This was the name that Mafalda Soares chose when has started to draft her first pieces. “I had the opportunity to travel and learn through many experiences that my career has brought to me”, said the Portuguese well accomplished interior designer. Memoir’s true assignment is to create pieces with timeless lines, in which each detail makes the difference.

It represents its uniqueness, elegance and glamor, recalling a very special way of living life, dreams and emotions. Each piece tells a specific story, an intimacy that is lightly exposed through excitement and sophistication.

The chosen materials are very noble, such as golden leaf, different types of wood, marble and metals, in order to imprint glamor and style to each piece. Has highly personal pieces, each one of them tells a different story, an intimacy that is exposed through enthusiasm and elegance.

In January 2016 exhibited for the first time at Maison et Objet Paris, Memoir earned buzz through the showcase of their first four pieces: the Secret cabinet, the Lust chaise-longue, the Vanity Mirror and Ostentation folding screen.

With a sophisticated and a timeless personality, Secret Cabinet is the result of the involvement of handcrafted white marble into individual and unique pieces arranged radially; and the gold in sheet form, ends up inside, praising this piece. The piece is based on a gilded brass base promoting its strength, elegance and stability.

Lust is an opulent chaise-longue that stands for its hand-whickered work. Upholstered in sumptuous white velvet over a polished gold brass base this chaise invites you to evasion.

The Vanity Mirror evokes the divine and the sublime through the reflection of the beauty while it is been contemplated. This metamorphic collection goes through 5 different leaf-shaped mirrors, suiting the beauty reflection to endless spaces and atmospheres.

In gold leaf and marble, Ostentation Folding Screen appears as representation of luxury and refinement. Their pieces gently joined together, as if suspended, promote the lightness of this piece.

As said Vincent Van Gogh, “What is done in love is done well”. The same can be said about Memoir, which collection was created with love for all who are in love with design and decoration.

Memoir tells a story from a life presenting the feminine essence, taste and experiences of a unique journey through design. This was the name Mafalda Soares chose when starting to draft her first pieces. As a well accomplished interior designer in Portugal, her home, Mafalda has the opportunity to travel and learn through many experiences her career has brought her.

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