Knot & Puro Lamps by Brokis

Brokis is starting the new year with an exhibition of its comprehensive collection of premium hand-blown glass lighting at IMM Cologne 2017. With an innovative and expressive stand design by art director Lucie Koldova, the presentation’s focus is on the new collections Knot by Italian design studio Chiaramonte Marin and Puro by Lucie Koldova.

Knot is a collection of stately pendant lights that appose two dramatically dissimilar materials. The design combines coarse natural fibre with smooth, transparent blown glass to arouse a contrast as striking as it is dignified. Full-bodied globes of varying shapes and sizes are penetrated by robust cords that seemingly pull the bottom of the glass inward for a bemusing plastic effect. The LED light source is housed in a handsome top hood, which, like the cord end cap, is fashioned in refined metal. The collection currently comprises four pendant lights and several colour options.

The generous globes are crafted of blown glass and suspended from natural-fibre cords terminating in a simple knot and metal end cap in brass, copper, black chrome, or stainless steel. The same metal is used in the top hood. Knot is offered in classic transparent glass, smoke-grey transparent glass, smoke-brow transparent glass, and opaline glass, all featuring a gloss finish.

Puro is boldly minimalistic variation on atmospheric pendant lights. Inspiration for the collection and its name come from the Spanish word for “cigar”, which also means “pure” and is a reference to the composition’s clean lines. The design creates an intriguing interplay between horizontal and vertical luminous cigar tubes levitating in space above simple bell lights. The diffused glow of the tubes combines with that of the bells to elicit a dynamic ambience, while the alternating gloss and matte finishes provide a degree of provocation. Puro offers atmospheric room lighting as well as lighting for offices, hospitality interiors, and private dining areas. The collection comprises a single bell light suspended beneath a vertical tube and dual bell lights suspended beneath a horizontal tube.

Puro is crafted of handblown transparent glass and opaque matte glass. The glass components feature metal accents. Puro is available in two colour options: opal and dark grey.

Brokis is a synthesis of exquisite design, superior quality, and the skill of master artisans continuing the centuries-old Bohemian glassmaking tradition. Its modern lighting collections have achieved international acclaim by combining handblown glass with other refined materials, such as handcrafted wood and metal, in bold compositions that push the boundaries not only of contemporary lighting design but of the technologies applied in production. The Czech family-run premium brand works with select designers from around the world and operates its own historical glassworks southeast of Prague. Each Brokis light is a genuine original and a functional work of art.


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