Color-fall Table by Wu Kai Xun & Estefanía Muñoz

For ages, architects, artists and sculptors used concrete, plaster, bronze, glass and other fluid materials to create space by traditional method of casting. Fluidity Formation is aiming to change the way of space creation, moreover, to liberate fluid material in the process of forming space. Fluid material should not be seen only as a medium to form space, but as an active part of the creative design and constructive process of the piece.

Color-fall Table is based on the concept of Fluid Formation, stepping forward to embrace colors to explore a new vision of fluid material created by multi-gravity method and multi-color – fluid materials fusion. The fluidity of the work is not reflected only in the material behavior and their aesthetic results, but also in the creative and constructive process, the constant collaboration between material, gravity and creator is essential for successful effects. This collaborative process between material and creator elevates anew level in design and aesthetic language that does not only aim to produce spatial results but dynamic effects. It goes further from the purely spatial or material arrangement to generate strangeness.

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