Maison Valentina Luxury Bathroom Collection

With its hard surfaces of tile, stone and ceramic, the bathroom can be, during the winter, one of the coldest rooms in the house. However, Maison Valentina has prepared a selection of its exclusive design pieces that will definitely warm up your bathroom. With Maison Valentina’s choice of pieces is possible to decorate any bathroom that is looking for a new dramatic look for winter.

The following empowering statement pieces are sure to seduce with their provocative designs and finest finishes. Always with golden accents to keep the luxury balance.

The Newton bathtub arrived this season in a softer version and feels like little white snowflakes are falling from the sky. The golden spheres add the extra luxury to this piece of international desire that distinguishes itself by its futuristic forms.

For the theatrical design lovers, the black version of Newton ensures mystery depicted in the black lacquer brass spheres with a high gloss varnish finishing while maintaining the seduction within the gold plated accents.

Bearing in mind this famous sentence of the iconic Marilyn Monroe, Maison Valentina was inspired to create a design piece specially conceived for woman who enjoy to pamper themselves, the Sinuous Dressing Table. Sinuous lines draw the elegant character of this piece, and it was designed for ladies who love harmonious lines mixed with exquisite details. Its design is seductive and lures you into a magical and golden world. To achieve extravagance, the artisans handcrafted the structure in mahogany with a high gloss black lacquer finish and top coated in polished brass plated.

This winter give yourself a little pleasure. Soak in a hot bath while enjoying the symphony of life in a perfect moment of lavishness. With a vision to understand the past and interpret it through cutting-edge technology and contemporary design, Maison Valentina has created the Symphony bathtub, an emotional design passionately inspired by music. Handcrafted with the finest materials, this breathtaking piece is of genuine style, ensuring mystery and elegance. The golden gives a luxury touch to every bathroom.

With the Lapiaz freestanding washbasin you will feel the experience of having nature inside the bathroom this winter. Inspired by the typical karst formations produced by surface dissolution it is how this washbasin emerged. Imagine a stone freezed and freshly cracked to show the entire world a rich, golden interior. The polished brass details and mirrored sides attribute this luxury design artwork an artic yet comfy and warm beauty. A real statement piece for the most luxurious bathrooms.

If you are looking for a little warmth appointment, the Eden Freestanding washbasin is a clever solution and such an extravagance on cold winter months. This free stand represents a part of the tree of knowledge and the tale of the birth of desire. Fully made of polished casted brass, with a delicately engraved top exposing the heart of a golden tree to the very heart of a home.

Towel racks are also a quick and easy way to add some luxury to your bathroom and will instantly warm up your space. They are also an excellent space saver for storing your towels and add to the aesthetics of your bathroom too. Maison Valentina’s towel racks styles are available to suit your bathroom design. Get to know the exquisiteness of the Diamond towel rack, a delicate piece with polished marble base and polished brass tubes, and the Eden towel rack, fully designed with polished casted brass. Two beauties of mother earth that will add richness to the bath area.

We tend to think there is a certain type of characterless light we need to choose for bathrooms. This is not true. Look for creativity and browse the type of lighting you would usually associate with a foyer or dining room. The Matheny Suspension from the sister brand DelightFULL matches so good with the Diamond Bathtub.

Believe it or not, the visual warmth of a room can help to make it actually feel warmer. Decorate it with warmer tones to give the space an intimate feel along with wood and marble accents or incorporating gold, brass and copper ornaments will all help to lend a cozy ambiance to the bathroom space.

About the brand

Maison Valentina is a luxury brand specialized in high-end bathroom furniture. The brand’s collection is skilled to furnish the bathroom division with an exquisite selection of high-end bathtubs, washbasins, mirrors, lighting and case goods prepared with the finest selection of materials like brass, marble, wood, glass blended with the extraordinary handwork technique of its artisans and always connected to a contemporary design. Maison Valentina’s desire is to offer comfort and luxury keeping, at the same time, an exclusive and bold design.

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