5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Reception Desks

Reception desks are the first thing that a person sees when they walk in through the door of an office. Thus, it is imperative that the choice of a reception desk is made carefully so that it reflects the brand image of your company and makes the client feel that they are in the right place, in order to make a lasting impression on your client.

A reception desk acts like the face of your company, and before buying one, there are some considerations that should be kept in mind in order to make the most profitable investment.

Type of Business of Your Company

The type of business that you deal factors a lot in the choice of a reception desk that will be suitable for your company. This is because every business has a unique aspect that they would like to promote and it should reflect from the choice of their reception desk. For example, the reception desk for a dentist should be designed so that the patients would feel welcome and would alleviate their tension. In contrast, a lawyer’s reception desk could be formal and upscale. Some companies follow a formal approach while others follow a more laid-back style. The choice of the reception desk varies with each type, so make sure that the reception desk you choose reflects the unique style of your company.

Space of your Company

This is a very important factor to take into consideration. Many people make the fatal mistake of investing in a reception desk that they take a liking to, without worrying if that piece of furniture will be appropriate in the space of your office. For instance, if you have a small office, thinking to buy that huge reception desk that you have had your eyes on is a bad investment—one that you will regret soon. A small reception desk that is designed to be the face of your company will serve your needs perfectly. Similarly, a reception desk that is too small in a large room does not give an aesthetic vibe, either. Taking care of the space of your office is important and keeping it in mind while browsing through various reception desks is significant for you to give your go-ahead for the desk that is just perfect.

Décor of your Company

In addition to keeping the size of the office in mind, it is vital to take the overall décor of your company into account as well, so that when you install the reception desk, it would match the existing style and would complement the overall look of your office.

The décor of the company will matter most when you are choosing the material of the reception desk. Depending on the various modern, classic, trendy and other styles, the preference of the material of the desk will duly change. Therefore, it is a smart move to spend your money on a reception desk whose material and design match the outlook of your office.

Functions of the Reception Desk

As we have mentioned above, every business has a different style that they incorporate in their décor and atmosphere. Similarly, different businesses will use a reception desk in a different ways that correspond to their needs. It is vital to know which functions are needed to be performed at the receptions so that you can buy a reception desk that not only speaks for your company aesthetically, it is also useful in the daily processes and aids the receptionist(s) in their work.

Moreover, it will save you and your clients many headaches. Do you need to put files and folders in your reception? Should you be keeping brochures on the reception? Do you only need a phone on the reception desk or a place for people to sign documents? Determining what functions your prospective reception desk will perform will help you in quickly deciding the features of the reception desk that you need. For example, if you need more space to put documents, you can look for reception desks that utilize the most of their space in providing you drawers to keep the documents safe.

Where to Buy a Reception Desk

You have a few options when it comes to actually buying a reception desk. Since it is a major purchase for your company, you would definitely be looking for the best deals and service that would accommodate your needs. Sometimes, you can get reception desks on sale or buy it from someone who is selling out their own reception desk. The problem is that these desks might not meet your specific needs, and in the case of used desks, you may find some dents or scratches on it, which is unsightly.

One of the best ways to buy reception desks is from an online furniture company. You can save thousands of dollars. There are many companies that deliver and even set up reception desks for you. You just have to select the design, make your order, and you’re good to go.

One such company to take note of is sohomod.com. Customers who have bought from this online company have affirmed that the quality of the reception desks has been great, and the efficient service made them willing to purchase from them in the future. Moreover, for all states in the US (except Alaska and Hawaii), they ship for free! This means that you can save on a huge chunk of money and receive quality service as well!

A reception desk is an important and underrated investment for your office and the right desk will help you make an excellent first impression on your prospective client when they walk into your office for the first time. Keeping the five points into consideration is guaranteed to help you decide on the reception desk that is best for your business.

So, if you are looking to buy a reception desk, or other furniture for your office, do check out sohomod.com and browse through their exclusive collections today!

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