Yoho Dining Table by Stefan Westmeyer for Girsberger

The new table from Swiss furniture manufacturer Girsberger is called Yoho. Its most noticeable feature is a base made of bent flat steel sections, angled near floor level and connected by a central crossbeam. The exceptionally stiff frame structure resulting from this design makes it possible to use slim flat steel sections, giving the table an elegant appearance.

Yoho’s base supports a tabletop that tapers to a thickness of 10mm at its edges. The tabletop is made of solid wood and is available in lengths from 220 to 260 cm with a width of 100 cm. In the standard configuration the flat steel is powder-coated in a dark slate colour, but it is available in any RAL colour on request.

The Yoho tabletop is available in any wood variety in the Girsberger collection. Customers can choose their preferred wood characteristics. Boards without knots yield a smooth, even appearance, while living growth gives the tabletop an expressive wooden character. Additional effects are available through special surface treatments. Sandblasting gives the smooth grain of oak a three-dimensional profile, while tabletops treated with lye have an exceptionally pleasant soft grip.

An optional one-sided extension with a length of 60 cm is available for the Yoho. The extension is made from the same board as the tabletop, giving it a continuous wood grain.

Design by Stefan Westmeyer.

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