Jujube Collection by 4P1B Design Studio for Chairs & More

Jujube, designed by 4P1B Design Studio for Chairs & More, is a full range of sofas, armchairs, ottomans and chairs inspired by a very distinctive graphic design.

The tubular metal back identifies the entire collection and became an important decorative element that, depending on the version, manifests itself more or less relevant.

The collection presents, in fact, in many variations that are obtained both in relation to selected finishes, both in relation to the way of combining the components.

Jujube is actually a real compositional system of modular elements that are combined each other to create different types of seats. The sofa, for example, can be a two-seater sofa, with bench or ottoman, may have two backs or be asymmetrical, can be used indoor or outdoor, depending on the accessories and composition that can be chosen and integrated at any moment.

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