S6 Chair by moll

The moll S6 chair is part of the new moll unique design series. During product development for moll unique, special emphasis was placed on design quality. Add the high standards for ergonomics and durability, and you have furniture designed for life. Children can continue to use it after they grow up, and later pass it on to their own children. It offers all the adjustment functions that both children and adults need. Thanks to its patented functional components, the seating height, seating depth and backrest can be adjusted separately. This lets the whole chair be adapted to the individual.

Its lightness and transparency come from the high-tech mesh stretched over its seat and backrest. The mesh snuggles the body like a second skin, cushions weight shifts and also scores points for breathability. The chair’s design promotes dynamic sitting and optimally supports the user with every change of posture. For those who want less breeze and more softness, the moll S6 has additional cushions for the backrest and seat. They come in seven different colors, each matching the moll T7 desk.

The chair’s design is innovative: Instead of a traditional central column, moll attaches an inclined frame to a six-armed star base and fastens the functional components for the seat and backrest to it. One design highlight is the attractive open casters that also have a smart function: They have brakes and make sure the chair doesn’t roll away when the occupant stands up.

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