When Should You Replace Your Windows?

Windows. They are more than just adornments on a house. They serve many practical functions. They’re not just a protective layer against the cold, they also serve as ventilation during hot summer nights. But windows are just some of those things that we tend to forget to replace because they just seem like they’re completely part of the house. There are times that we may not even stay in the same house long enough to warrant a change of windows during our stay.

But, you might want to think twice before allowing your windows to degrade. There are many instances that you have to look out for that are going to tell you when it’s time to have your windows replaced. These are some of those scenarios:

Your Windows Have Warping Or Any Form of Damage

This might come as an obvious indicator, but you’d be surprised by how many houses actually have worn down windows. When windows get stuck, allow a draft to enter the house, or when they simply refuse to stay open, you might want to get your windows replaced.

Otherwise, you might want to attempt repairs first. You’ll be able to find that there are sites like www.vanisleglass.com that offer window and glass services. After all, why replace a window that has only minor damage?

You Want To Opt For More Energy-Efficient Alternatives

Another scenario where you might want to replace your existing windows is when you want to try to improve your house’s energy efficiency. For this, you might want to consider the area you live in and its climate. For colder places, getting windows that come with insulating glass could save you a lot of money on heating.

Right After A Severe Storm

It’s fairly common to come home to broken windows after a severe storm. If that’s all the damage you come home to, then you’d even be considered lucky. Windows are the weakest point of any house, as the glass can shatter easily. Even when the glass isn’t shattered, you might want to check on the hinges as well as the panels themselves as they may already be compromised. It’s always safest to simply have your windows replaced after a really bad storm, especially when cracks and chips can affect the integrity of the glass in your windows. You don’t want them shattering when you least expect them to.

Also, when this happens, your family’s safety and that of your property may be compromised. To avoid this scenario, it’s best to call trustworthy professionals to assess your windows’ condition. If the windows are severely damaged after a storm, they’ll replace them right away.

Home Renovation

Windows are some of the first things you see in a house when you’re viewing it. The wrong window can definitely break the aesthetics of a house if they don’t match the rest of the house. If you plan on doing a home renovation, you might as well get the windows replaced if you’re unable to make them blend with the rest of the house. Not only that, but at the very least, you’re going to be able to rest assured that every aspect of your house is new and that you be having any unexpected problems.

Moreover, if you want to make the most out of your replacement windows, you may also consider getting trim for them. Generally, a window trim can make your windows more aesthetically appealing. Depending on the style you want, it can complement the rest of your façade to create a more attractive look.

Aside from making your windows beautiful, it can also add insulation and control the light that enters your home. Lastly, it can help to weatherproof your windows against rain, wind, and snow. That said, if you’re planning to replace your windows during the home renovation, you might as well consider some exterior window trim ideas to add character and finishing touch to your home’s exterior.


Windows are more essential to a house than they are perceived to be. They provide security, protection from the elements, and they function as a means for ventilation. Do not neglect them. This is especially true if you plan on selling your house later on.

Therefore, ensure your windows are always in good working condition and keep the information mentioned above in mind to know when should be the right time to replace your windows with new ones. The earlier you carry out a window replacement, the more you can protect your home from the safety hazards associated with damaged windows.