3 Tips on How to Effortlessly Style Your Bed in 2019

Whether it is a king size bed or a daybed, its function will always remain the same. However, with a little styling help it can become a work of art. Furthermore, it’s the details that make the design. Think about your current bedroom: what accessories go well with the colour of the walls, are the furniture dimensions appropriate and what type and color of furniture will fulfill your needs. You can’t go wrong if you know the colour scheme of the bedroom and what look you want to achieve. Depending on these answers, choose a perfect type of bed decoration from our list below.

Throw a Pillow

The combination of monochromatic throw pillows and patterned bed sheets will liven up the space in no time. You can always switch it up with a mixture of solid-coloured bed sheets and motif pillows. Floral pillows match beautifully with lime green walls, and oriental pillow patterns will emphasize a subtle wall colour. In addition to the patterns, you can also play with the fabrics. For a more coordinated look, pair the colour of the cushions with the color of your walls or bed sheets. A general rule is that there shouldn’t be more than three rows of throw pillows at the head of the bed, otherwise it would take up half of the entire bed.

Layer Up

When it comes to layers, less is more. If you already chose to put pillows, adding blankets or comforters at the foot of the bed can look excessive, so pick one of the two options. Layers and texture on the bed will add more dimension and depth to the bedroom. Knitted blankets or a woolen comforter will give your bed a defined look and add more aesthetic value. If you are aiming at accentuating a certain bed feature like a headboard or bed frame, they don’t have to be in the same colour as the pillows or bed sheets. But, if they do match the colour of the bed sheets, layers can look fresh and clean, especially in different shades of white or neutral colours.

Pillow Talk

Apart from the throw pillows, there are the pillows you sleep on. For a standard look, you can lay the sleeping pillows flat. Another way is to place them against the headboard in an upward position. In this case pay attention not to pile them up and cover up the headboard. Again, how many pillows do you actually need? More than four pillows at the head of the bed would look cramped up on a regular sized bed. When you finished styling your bed, now it is time to sleep in it. The finishing touch is the mattress itself. After laying back on your pillows, the only thing left is to choose a high-quality mattress and mattress topper for a good night’s rest. Pillowcases also play an important role in styling. Depending on the style you’re going for, choose between embroidered luxury pillows and minimalistic monochromatic ones.

These three tips are the most important ones to remember when styling your bed. Don’t overthink the entire process and take it too far. For example, too many pillows on the bed ruin the aesthetic image you want to gain. Clean and organized space will only help you feel more relaxed and excited to change your ways. Do you take the time to style your bed in the morning? What is your go-to style and does it change each season? Tell us more about your favourite bed look in the comment section below.