Types and Styles of Windows Available for Calgary Homeowners

Do you struggle with frustrating heat loss in the winter, or stiflingly hot air in the summer? If you’re unhappy with the airflow in your Calgary home or apartment, or if it’s simply time for a visual upgrade, it may be time to replace the windows.

Different styles and types of windows Calgary exist for different needs. In this article, we break down each category—so you can find the windows you need for a comfortable, stylish home:

Introduction to Types and Styles of Windows

Picture Window

The simplest window type is the picture window. Picture windows, like art, don’t open to the outside; they simply provide a panoramic view of the outdoors. Picture windows offer the least ventilation and are extremely airtight.

Single-Hung Window

One of the most frequently-installed types of windows is the single-hung window. This straightforward choice opens by sliding the lower pane straight up. These windows are often a simple yet cost-effective solution when replacing windows.

Double-Hung Window

Double-hung windows are also common. With a double-hung window, the lower panel slides up—but the upper panel can also slide down.


Slider windows are similar to both single- and double-hung windows; however, their panes slide side-to-side rather than up and down.

PRO TIP: Single-hung, double-hung, and slider windows offer high airflow; however, they all suffer from high air leakage.

Casement and Awning Windows

Casement and awning windows open on hinges. Casement windows open from the side, like a door. Awning windows, conversely, swing from the top (like an awning). Because these do not require bars or sashes they often offer picture-window views with added ventilation.

Bay Window

Bay windows are generally categorized as a unique window type rather than a window style. However, their main distinction for homeowners is stylistic. Each of these extends outward from the house and offers a wider view of your garden, yard, or pool. However, there are few limits on the mechanics of these windows. Some individuals install casement bay windows; others prefer picture or single-hung bay windows. Bay windows are a popular choice for creating a wide view with fantastic ventilation.

Styles and Presentation

“Style” refers to the artistic presentation of your window. Windows come in countless shapes and sizes: options include innovative geometric shapes, classic ornate designs, traditional rectangles, and beyond.

Before deciding on a specific style, look up photos online or drive to nearby houses to gather inspiration for your window style. A carefully-selected style greatly enhances your home’s aesthetic and personality.

Best Windows for Homes in Calgary, Alberta

In Calgary, we face a few unique challenges when designing homes. Our homes endure harsh winters, fight wind, and battle sub-zero temperatures. In the summer, our homes don’t always need air conditioning—as long as the home’s windows offer adequate ventilation. As such, at Window Mart we recommend a few specific window types and styles for homes in Calgary as outlined below.

Casement windows for year-round climate control

We highly recommend casement windows. Casement windows, though cumbersome at times, provide superior airflow for the hot summer months. In the winter, they offer a better airtight seal than single- or double-hung windows. These make casement windows an excellent option for comfortable, efficient climate control year-round.

Picture windows for winter warmth

If your primary concern is keeping your home warm in the winter, picture windows are the best option. Picture windows offer stunning views with an impressive airtight seal. Though they won’t help cool your home in the summer, they’ll keep your heat indoors during the long winter months.

Double-hung windows for space-saving ventilation

Some of our clients like the ventilation of casement windows, but prefer the ease of the single-hung, double-hung, or slider types. Of these, we generally prefer double-hung windows. When the top and bottom panes are both opened halfway, air tends to circulate exceptionally well. Double-hung windows can also be cleaned from the inside—no need for a ladder to wipe off those second-floor panes!

A Note Regarding Window Panes

We haven’t talked about window panes because any type or style of window can have as many (or as few) panes as you would like. For Calgary windows, we recommend multiple panes for increased climate control.

Final Thoughts

Whether your home feels too hot, too cold, too stuffy, or too drafty, there’s a window to suit your needs. Don’t suffer from inefficient windows—find your ideal replacement today to start your journey toward a more comfortable home with a little help from our friends at Window Mart.