RAIL Solo Dining Table by Zeitraum

The table model RAIL Solo is the simplified version of the RAIL system by Zeitraum: a table top and four separate legs. The slightly splayed legs with the typical RAIL half-round profile are fastened to the underside of the table by means of an iron support plate.

The table top is made of Multiplex with a visible edge, the corners are rounded. The surface is made of the natural material linoleum and available in four colors: mushroom (4176), powder (4185), olive (4184) and iron (4178). The counteracting paper on the underside is matt brown. Thanks to its elasticity the natural and durable linoleum surface is an ideal work surface.

It stands out through its long durability and pleasant feel. Since the linoleum adapts to the room temperature, it lends a pleasant feel when you place your arms on the surface to work.

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