LCX Chair by Florian Hauswirth for Winkler

Designed by Florian Hauswirth for Winkler, LCX is a new kind of cantilever chair out of five pieces of bended wood. A fundamental difficulty in furniture making is the transition from the vertical to the horizontal direction. The connections make the main character of this chair. Steam bended wood has a very high consistence and the wood keeps its flexibility. New constructions are possible. In the specific bending technique, solid wood can only bended in one direction. For this reason the LCX chair is made out of U- and L- shapes. The overlapping X stabilizes the chair and effects a compact structure that works like a framework. The individual parts are arranged in a way that the leg structure is interwoven with the back and creates a seating area. Because of its flexible construction cantilever chairs are ideally for dynamic seating. Traditional handicraft aptitude meets modern unconventional design.

Photography by Stefan Hofmann

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