Forcina Chairs by Leon Ransmeier for Mattiazzi

Forcina” translates into English as “hairpin.” The most common hairpin today is the bobby pin, an industrially produced small metal loop used to hold hair in place. The loop of the pin also makes for a good place to grip. Hairpins are useful objects, but they also help create expressive hairstyles. The Forcina collection has a feminine, pragmatic character. From the outset, Forcina was considered within the context of a cafe or a restaurant, and historically cafe chairs often have a curvilinear form.

Perhaps this is influenced by the iconic history of Viennese cafe furniture or the sweetness of the pastries served. Forcina’s solid wood seat and backrest are familiar in shape with comfortably sculpted surfaces on the top of the seat and front of the backrest. The stainless steel frames are CNC bent, and composed for efficient manufacture with few parts and minimal welding. The frame reaches beyond the backrest and — like the hairpin — provides an easy place to grasp the chair. The collection includes chairs, armchairs, square and round tables, low stools, and barstools. All items are available in natural oak, natural ash, or black stained ash. The frames can be purchased with a brushed stainless steel finish or black powder coated.

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