Dômes Charlevoix near Quebec City, Canada by Bourgeois/Lechasseur architects

Bourgeois/Lechasseur architects have recently completed “Dômes Charlevoix”, a collection of three domes that have been designed and installed as part of a new concept of four seasons eco-luxurious accommodations.

The domes, set on wood platforms, are located in Petite-Rivière-Saint-François, next to the Massif de Charlevoix, near Quebec City.

Stepping inside, there’s radiant concrete floors to keep the interiors warm, and a kitchen with matte black and light wood cabinetry.

The bed has been positioned to take advantage of windows within the dome’s design, and black cabinetry, similar to the kitchen, wraps around the headboard.

In addition to the radiant concrete floors, there’s also a fireplace to keep the dome warm. Hidden behind the bed is the bathroom.

A boat staircase leads to a second bed that’s positioned on a light wood platform.

Outside, there’s a woodshed with fireplace storage.