Volta Lamps by Lucas Ballochi, Jose Luis Barrientos & Abel Cárcamo

Volta is a project created by 3 designers, Lucas Ballochi, Jose Luis Barrientos and Abel Cárcamo, with the idea to develop meaningful work using local materials and industry.

Using different concepts as a starting point. We present our first effort a set of lamps inspired by the roulette, a composition between metal, native woods and polished solid bronze that highlights the central axis that allows the easy manipulation of the object while it is not suspended.

A play with curves and geometry makes the lamps iconic and unique, giving character and elegance to interior and exterior spaces. Like the source of its inspiration, the roulette, all the manufacturing processes use rotational force to generate form. Metal is flow formed by hand and machine, as the bronze and wood are hand carved with the help of a lathe so later all can be hand assembled to create the first Volta collection.

All the work is sourced locally, using local craftsmen in a dying production tradition as most manufacturing is outsourced and raw materials are exported. Volta is an effort to rescue some of the waning local industry and reintroducing it to modern design on a global market. With that concept in mind, all the materials, copper, bronze and the native wood are all source locally from different regions of Chile.

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