D-TWELVE Lamp by Plato Design

The Rome based design startup Plato Design have just presented D-TWELVE Lamp, a modular, versatile and customizable handmade LED lamp.

Facing the difficulty of personalizing what designers have drawn for home finding something unique and precious at the same time, the two Italian architects created a revolutionary LED lighting system to suit people’s changing needs. Thanks to the modules magnetic connections, the lamp can be reshaped according to the changing light needs. The project was presented in November 2015 on kikckstarter to raise money.

D-TWELVE lamp is available in three materials: beechwood, screen-printed fabric and concrete. Each module is dodecahedron-shaped and has three magnetized sides that allow the connection between the modules and the passage of current from one to another. Thanks to this innovative solution just one of the modules needs to be connected to the power grid. The magnets’ radial arrangement makes the modules snap-in rotatable so the light can be easily directed as one wishes. Indeed D-TWELVE is sized to perfectly fit in to one’s hand and is completely safe to touch, due to the extra-low voltage current.

With less than 5 watts per module D-TWELVE is a high energy efficient lamp and unlike many lamps on the market, the LED can be easily replaced just by opening the acrylic glass and unscrewing it (even if the estimated LED life is 50000 hours!). When the lamp is turned on, the holes on the back ensure heat dissipation.

In addition to the attention to technological innovation, the lamp design is based on high quality materials manufacturing. The wood we use is European Beech wood. After CNC cutting, it is assembled by hand and polished with a natural benzene-free hardwax-oil. The concrete cover is provided by a team of engineers experts on ultra-thin concrete furniture. The screen-printed fabric is designed by a textile design firm with more than ten years experience in fashion accessories production. Moreover all the metal components are powder-coated to ensure white finishing durability over time.

If you are interested in supporting this project, you can see the Kickstarter campaign – here.

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