Velvet, Leather and Light Wood Furniture by Freifrau

Violet, ochre and cobalt green. Velvet, leather and light wood. This is the mood presented by Freifrau at imm cologne 2018. The new paddings and seats that enrich the Rubie, Amelie and Marla collections are presented by designer Christoph Kahleyss and spokesman of the brand Deike Bokelmann.

It was a quilted blanket slung casually over a wooden chair which gave the Berlin design duo Murken Hansen the inspiration for their Rubie model. One key design element is represented by the elegant, flowing lines of the collection – there are no right angles – which give the model a contemporary look and finish it with finesse. The sophisticated interplay between its functional approach and its snug subtility characterises all Rubie models, allowing them to effortlessly integrate into a variety of everyday situations. The original chair, lounge couch, armchair, and bar stool with low or full-height armrests are all available with wire, steel or wooden frames and feel like a natural part of almost any imaginable interior environment.

Amelie is a model which combines a high level of comfort with a clear minimalist shape and a silhouette underlined by leather piping around the shell – a shell whose striking contours are the hallmark of the whole family and the basis for the Amelie lounge chair. With its simple minimalist lines, this variant follows the classic Amelie design approach, while its inward-folded cushion creates lots of padding volume and guarantees increased comfort. Regardless of the position, its additional back length and lightly upholstered neckrest make the Amelie lounge chair especially pleasant to sit in.

The padded Marla chair is the result of the simple premise of wanting to bring the sofa to the dinner table. It gave birth to a family of models which, despite their graceful and agile design, offer a unique comfort; lounge pieces like the Marla couch and the Marla easy chair, with lower or fullheight backs, widen the range. With its soft, generous padded rests, Marla is comfortable in a way no other chair is, offering cozy warmth and the temptation to stay seated for a little longer. Available with both a wood or a harpstring wire frame, the Marla product family can be included in a variety of home areas; a matching ottoman is just the thing to complete the ensemble.