Minimalist Furniture Collection ”Kuro” by José Bermúdez

Kuro Collection is a minimalist series of furniture created by Mexico City-based designer José Bermúdez. Bermúdez has a strong affinity for Japanese aesthetics; their simplicity, functionality, and construction are essential for this collection to coexist. Black is a representation of elegance and a direct connection with Japanese culture. Kuro is a tribute to Shou Sugi Ban or Yakisugi technique, the oak is blackened with less as possible of lacquered, finishing with an oil touch to protect wood giving that beautiful matte finish to the collection.

Javo is a beautiful light desk that comes with or without drawers as per the user specifications. The main characteristic of Javo is the wooden crossbar underneath, displaying the way joinery could help create stability without the use of screws. The piece at the center is made with 3mm coated steel, helping the desk achieve a visually lighter surface. It is used as a ruler and cable holder for those who want a cleaner surface free of cables.

Sungari is a mid-size table, completely made out of beautiful solid oak, designed with subtle Japanese lines represented throughout the table. The middle line has two purposes, one, to give a more playful and dynamic surface, two, as a way to pass cables through, making a table function as both a working station or a dining table.

Hiko is a side table, inspired by wooden airplane toys, that resembles the bottom part that helps the stability of the table. Hikoki means airplane in Japanese. The top part has a small hole that helps to pass cables from a lamp or phones. The studio wanted the oak to be seen from all points, which is why the top part is visible, helping to exemplify the beautiful details.