Minimalist Chair Created by Stockholm-Based Designers Snøhetta

S-1500 is a minimalist chair created by Stockholm-based designers Snøhetta. For the past two years, Snøhetta has been working on a research project related to plastic. The aim has been to understand plastic as a material, its journey and footprint in the value chain, as well as its inherent qualities. A key ambition is to shift the public’s attitude towards used plastic, from regarding it as waste to seeing it as a valuable resource that should be employed in new ways once it has served its original purpose. Snøhetta is now happy to present one of the projects that were born out of this research. Together with furniture manufacturer Nordic Comfort Products (NCP), Snøhetta has developed a chair with a body made from 100 % recycled plastic from the local fish farming industry in the North of Norway, and a subframe made from recycled steel.

Due to its production technique and varying plastic compositions, the pattern of each chair will be unique, even though the chair will be mass produced. Its matte, pebbled, dark green surface bears resemblance to marble. It tells the story of plastic that has been on a journey as fish nets in the North Sea, to the production facilities of NCP and eventually ends up as a chair in a school, a home or a public facility. In order to reduce the need to produce new, virgin plastic, consumers and industry need to acknowledge the value inherent in used plastic and find ways to substitute virgin plastic with recycled material. With the development of the S-1500 chair, Snøhetta hopes to inspire people to employ waste material in new and sustainable ways through innovation and design. The chair is available for sale through Nordic Comfort Products (NCP), and will be showcased at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair from February 5th to 9th.