Patio Garden by Amir Schlezinger in Wandsworth Town, London

A small patio garden can centralize a lot of contrast and details. It can become a space where art and nature complement each other in a whole that brings forth emotion and feeling. This is argued by the beauty of this patio garden from Wandsworth Town, London, designed by Amir Schlezinger. The hardwood interacts with the floor tiles, the plants with the works of art and water with fire. The wall has three niches where the artistic creations alternate with the plants, while on the floor there is a small pond with fish that cohabitate with stools arranged around a fire. Although small, the patio gives you the impression of spaciousness due to the way it was decorated.

The wooden deck completes and continues the stone floor, that makes the monotony of an unique texture to be removed. The background, fairly monochrome, highlights the orange and white present at the two pieces of decor and statues. These neutral tones of the project are a perfect background for highlighting the works of art and tinted furniture. The chains that hang over the lake are unique and bring a little exoticism, in the same time masking the accessories of the lake. Having a very busy owner that travels a lot, the garden has not been designed to require too much maintenance and the emphasis was not placed on the plants. Warm and welcoming, this patio garden is a special place where you can settle down after you leave behind the bustle of London.

Photographs by Lucy Fitter