Umbrella Pendant Lamp by Paolo Grasselli for ModoLuce

Halfway between reassuring Mary Poppins’ umbrella and the Starship Enterprise, the intuition from which derives the suspension and ceiling lamp Umbrella, designed by Paolo Grasselli for ModoLuce, to illuminate the spaces in an indirect way, thanks to light kicks and reflections between two overlying surfaces.

In the view of an elevation drawing, the lamp components are connected from a central axis, consisting of a thin tube that contains the wiring connections.

A large and lightweight top disk, in painted white metal, becomes the environment lead and spreads the light coming from the LED light source, contained in the bottom element. The distance between the top and bottom disks allows you to obtain an illumination of the space, without shady darker areas.

Umbrella is proposed also with printed textured decoration on the top disk: For work, contract and living spaces, bars, restaurants etc.

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