TPL House in Tijuana, Mexico by T38 Studio

TLP is located in a residential neighborhood on the upper part of a hill in the city of Tijuana, an incredibly dynamic city that sits on the world’s busiest land border with the city of San Diego. The house is composed of three volumes that contain the main living spaces. The shape of these three volumes, trapezoidal prisms, respond to the irregular shape of the plot. The three volumes are perforated in the center by a glass passageway. One of the important objectives was to achieve the correct balance between openness and privacy. Although there are no windows facing the street in the living areas, one is still able to perceive the flow of people traversing from one space to the other through these glass passageways, relating a kind of performative action towards the outside. The black volumes, which read like boxes from the street, shift their section through the folding of the concrete roof slabs in order to reflect the trapezoid condition of the plan in the back elevation. On the first floor, the double height living/dining room is connected through an outdoor terrace to the kitchen on the central volume, with the third volume housing the master bedroom. The program of the second floor consists of three bedrooms and a family room.

Architects: T38 studio
Project Team: Alfonso Medina, Joseph Ruiz Tapia, Enrique De La Concha, Sara Díaz Barranco, Amy Galeana, Mariel Nuñez Collins, Héctor Hernández, Alejandra Matías, Lucía Arroyo, Alejandro Bustos

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