Top Smart Features For New Homes

Technology has been making its way into our lives in many ways for over two decades, and now it is being built right into our homes. From security systems that you can operate from anywhere to turning on your house lights with just a word, smart home features are the wave of the future.

Smart homes are the ultimate in convenient living — using cutting edge technology, you can sync all of your gadgets and appliances so you can operate all of your homes systems from your phone. That includes being able to integrate advanced security features right into your home.

New home builders in Maryland claim that smart home features are among the most requested design additions they are seeing in the past few years. When you are building your home, it’s easier to integrate smart features right from the drawing board instead of trying to add additional systems later.

If you are thinking about building a new home, take a look at the advantages of installing smart home features into your design.


You can now employ smart features to control your interior and exterior lights to run on a set program. If you want your outdoor lights to turn on at dusk, you can program your system make that happen. Set up your interior lights on a timer so that your home will always look occupied even when you aren’t at home to increase your home security.

Add your smaller landscaping lights to your program to light up your outdoor features in the evening and turn off at a certain hour after you have gone to bed to save on energy. You can also add motion sensor lights on the exterior of your home to be synced to your security system.

Your interior lights can be operated manually or by voice command. When you enter a room you can give a verbal command to turn on the lights and set them at whatever level you desire. Motion sensors can also be used to turn on lights automatically when anyone enters or exits a room.


Keeping your home and your family safe is a priority. Your home security can be anything from a simple entrance alarm, to a full scale perimeter system. Your smart home features can alert you from anywhere using your synced devices.

Add motion sensors alarms and lights to keep intruders off of your property. Security cameras can be programmed to watch everything from individual interior rooms to any angle on the exterior of your home.

You can even add a video doorbell to your system. When anyone uses your bell a camera will be activated sending the picture of your guest right to your smartphone no matter where you are. Vehicle detection technology can alert you when anyone enters your driveway area to let you know someone is there.

Heating & Cooling

Smart home features can help you save money too. Why pay huge energy bills trying to keep your home comfortable when no one is home? With a smart home thermostat you can program your heating and cooling systems to operate only when you are home. For example, you can set a program to start heating your home up about an hour prior to getting home from work and cool down once you head out again.