Add High-Tech Curtains to Your Smart Home

Smart homes, with every appliance and feature inter-connected to your smartphone or other device, are becoming increasingly popular. Your smart home may include a video doorbell, an automatic thermostat, sensor lights, Alexa-controlled entertainment area and inverter appliances that consume the least energy. You can add more high-tech devices and installations like curtains to maximize the benefits of technology at the comfort of your home. Find out the advanced curtains that can blend perfectly on your windows.

Curtains offer both decorative and protective purposes for every room at home. You can dress up your windows with the casual look of grommet curtains that are easy to open and close, or the classic look of pleated drapes for your office corner. For spaces where you don’t want to block all the light while maintaining privacy, furnishing them with country curtains will work wonders. And you can play with thousands of curtain types, patterns, colors and materials that suit well with your style, home interior, seasons and specific needs.

Then, there are the smart curtains – a high-tech upgrade to regular and manual curtains that optimize motorized set-up and automated controls. Manual curtains make time-consuming set-up, adjustments and maintenance. On the other hand, smart curtains want to make everything easy to do, relieving you of all the work needed to adjust for lighting, wipe the dust off and lather the laundry. That means more time to do more important tasks and less stress handling petty things like opening and closing curtains.

High-tech curtains have been around for a few years now and these will be great additions to your smart home’s automated controls and designs. While the first models have been centered on just opening and closing window blinds and motorized curtains, recent ones have been redeveloped to perform advanced functions for additional benefits and simple automation processes. You can expect that they will not just free up your time but also provide more convenience and comfortable design in any part of your home or office.

Smart curtains provide different styles, set-up and functions depending on certain brands, models and pricing. You can control the window blinds or curtains with a remote, with an app on your smartphone, or speech recognition program like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri. This means you can do all your controls with a simple click, swipe or voice command even if you are meters away from your curtains. Also, this set-up makes it possible to set timers or schedules, manage the best lighting or shade that fits with a given situation and choose your own scenes and effects that suit perfectly with your preferences and lifestyle.

With technology developing products that are more advanced every passing day, high-tech curtains offer more than just simple automation and controls. Newer models produced by Swedish mammoth, Ikea, are capable of cleaning the air indoors by using a special fabric with a ‘mineral-based surface treatment’ that breaks down air pollutant. Other hands-free models don’t just adjust according to your predefined set-up but also automatically controls shading with the movement of outside natural lighting and programs power consumption in accordance with temperature. Lastly, noiseless battery-operated or electric curtains is also an additional security feature as specific models open and close in certain trims to make it look like there is someone inside even if you’re out for work or trip.

Take advantage of current technological innovations that bring utmost convenience, comfort and security, and add value to your home. Try smart curtains that will give you the benefits you want to experience at the right price.