Timeless Design: Sacco Armchair by Gatti-Paolini-Teodoro for Zanotta

Sacco, the most informal and versatile iconic seat ever, currently available in three models, is the ideal proposal for a gift under the sign of design.

A symbol of the Sixties, that has become an icon of Zanotta style in more than forty years, is available in new shapes and fabrics in 2015: beside the classic anatomical armchair designed by Gatti-Paolini-Teodoro in 1968, featuring a base diameter of 80cm and 68cm height, two new models Sacco Medium (68x63cm) and Sacco Small (54x59cm) were added to the collection.

The fabrics show new consistencies, colours and digital printed decorations suitable for multitasking purposes for adults, young people and children. Sacco is eclectic, soft and with different functions and now is more and more a free seat, a playful pouf and a contemporary armchair.

As Piero Gatti of the historical group of designers explains, who during the years of protests and experimental life-styles gave birth to it together with Zanotta: “Sacco is a project but also a collective story, beyond fashions and trends. Being so, it is fit for free and creative uses. And if nowadays Sacco becomes a “family” with the medium and small versions I am quite happy about it ! It means it is always up-to-date and the market has space for this evolution. When the first pieces were launched in the Sixties I remember me and Duilio Gregorini, who had just joined Zanotta with his energy and intuitions, having much fun looking at his small children playing with Sacco. It was amazing to see how many things they did on and around that unusual coloured armchair full of expanded polystyrene pellets with high resilience. Aurelio Zanotta immediately understood its great potentials and supported its production with communication campaigns of strong and sensational impact”.

Since ever the Sacco is one of the best-seller of the company based in Nova Milanese; under many viewpoints it is a special idea for people who want to enjoy or donate a touch of comfort and colour. This is why is very popular in the shop-windows. Proposed in three sizes it now becomes “more lively” thanks to new digital-printed decorated covers with great impact under the playful-emotional viewpoint. These new covers join the monochromatic fabrics, the leathers and the Tecno fabric for outdoors: for Sacco Small the models with Volo fabrics are available (in Big Eyes and Solid patterns), for Sacco and Sacco Medium, the Solid and Up patterns.

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