Beams Chair by EAJY

The Beams chair from Berlin-based studio EAJY is a lightweight wooden armchair inspired by I-beam the main structure of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The I-beam is used as the main design element in Beams chair, which shows the beauty of such construction.

The main frame of the chair is solid wood with CNC processing which can make directional perpendicular in order to get I-beam structure. The element of I-beam can built up an extraordinary strong chair for sure. The inventive arrangement of different parts is also the reason why Beams chair is light. Every detail is considered and has the purpose during designing. Thus, the Beams chair is not only strong visually but also really comfortable.

The Beams chair is the combination of modern manufacturing technology and tradition arts and crafts. It has a unity form when each part is assembled precisely. The simplicity as well as contemporary aestheticisms of the structural design of beams chair allow its wide-range of usage including in the restaurants and domestic area.

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