Timeless Design: CAREGA Chair by Heidemarie Leitner for LÖFFLER

Sensuality, elegant beauty and clarity are the properties of the CAREGA armchair, as a timeless seating companion designed by the Viennese woman Heidemarie Leitner in 1967 as an item of furniture which finds its place in the most varied of room environments.

This prize-winning armchair now enriches the series of artists’chairs manufactured exclusively by the LÖFFLER Edition. Within this selection of masterly chair creations, the “Carega” demonstrates exemplarily how traditional seat shapes can be reconceived successfully, providing ideas with contemporary expression. Here we are talking about the decisive new concept from a seat icon more than well-known in Austria, the stackable “Goldsessel”, golden armchair, which is traditionally used in the Vienna Hofburg’s ballrooms, enabling invited guests to sit both comfortably and nobly.

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