The Bar Roker Chair by Rodney Glick

The Bar Roker is contemporary design that makes you smile. It’s an intricate piece of furniture that makes people look twice, laugh out loud then sit down and rock!

Turning an everyday plastic chair into a gently swaying, elegantly resolved and extremely comfortable rocking chair reaffirms our faith in good design. The Bar Roker engages with us, stimulating imagination, encouraging curiosity and causes us to re-evaluate how we experience the world. The Bar Roker combines industrial manufacturing processes and the handmade.

Reclaimed Teak wood handcrafted in Bali combined with the everyday icon of a plastic injection moulded chair turns the familiar into delight. It is fully weatherproof, flat-packed and stackable piece of furniture suitable for indoor/ outdoor use. The Bar Roker helps you “Imagine you know what you’re doing” and keeps you moving.

The Bar Roker is proudly in use, on display and for sale at Seniman Coffee Studio, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

Photo by Will Wirawan

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