NIL Chair by Jean Michel Wilmotte for SAINTLUC

The NIL collection is the result of the desire of magnifying the natural elegance of the linen composit and, at the same time, to exploit its incredible characteristics: lightness and ductility.

As if it was a fabric, the composit “sheet” leans on the slender metal frame, to be folded and tilted in an enveloping gesture, giving shape to a comfortable, spacious seat.

Playing with the contrast between materials and shapes, the NIL collection expresses the delicate relationship between tradition and cutting-edge technology.

In the lounge chair, the discreet elegance of the backrest is enhanced by the matt finish of the composit, that gives it a refined touch, almost an invitation to a caress.

In the armchair, the flow of the backrest makes for an intuitive support for a blazer, and help the grab. Originally thought for the outdoor, the NIL collection dresses in leather for the indoor.

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