Streamlined Collection by Studio Roex

The Streamlined collection reflects the true character of the everyday material of plywood. Due to its structural value, plywood usually serves a purely functional purpose. “A real shame,” says Studio Roex, “because its multiple layers of bonded wood veneer are what make it so unique.”

Streamlined aims to reveal the true identity of plywood by emphasising the various wood layers that are usually only marginally visible. By CNC milling the two-dimensional plywood sheet material, a three-dimensional material can be produced. As a result, the pattern of layers flares out, creating a subtle interplay of lines.

The Streamlined collection consists of a table lamp, hanging lamp and chair. The products feature organic stylistic elements and transparent constructions. All products within the Streamlined collection are composed of individual parts. This results in fragmented lines, i.e. lines that flow in different directions in every part.

Both the lamps and the chair are available in both a transparent and anthracite version. The anthracite version is semi-transparent, so that the line pattern remains visible.

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