BIG BROTHER Floor Lamp by Oriol Llahona for ALMA LIGHT

As someone who protects us, understands and cares about us, the BIG BROTHER floor lamp, designed by Oriol Llahona, joins us in our best moments, evoking the character Harvey, performed by James Stewart, or the Sullivan from the movie ‘Monsters, Inc’.

BIG BROTHER is a floor lamp of large format: its height is 180cm and the screen has a diameter of 70cm; it has a metallic structure covered with advanced translucent white fabric made with polyester fibers (possibility to select fabrics or stamped on request)and includes 3000K LED light on the top screen, as well as another at the base. It is ideal to complement sofas or reading armchairs in homes or hotels, or to be used as a welcome lamp in hospitality facilities.

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